Cheerleading during the fall in Hartford has become a long-standing tradition full of loud cheers and tumbling passes every year. Throughout its successful history, hundreds of young athletes have crafted their skills using the cheerleading programs that the Hartford Council for Recreation created with our community’s youth in mind. Cheerleading in our programs gives everyone an incredible opportunity to participate in a sport, learn basic cheerleading moves and stunts and be educated in the sport by coaches who have had experience cheerleading throughout high school and beyond. The first thing a cheerleader will learn is that it is a sport that requires precision and solid technique. But, in the end, our coaches encourage everyone to just have fun, because that is what youth sports should always be about!

This season promises to be another action-packed fall full of excitement for everyone involved. With everything we mentioned above in mind, what are some more of the allures of participating in cheerleading in our programs? In addition to the fun you have and the skills you learn from knowledgeable coaches, cheerleaders get the opportunity to cheer at every game our football teams play in, allowing them the ability to cheer in front of family, friends and fans that attend the games on Saturday’s throughout the fall. Cheerleaders are also given an incredible opportunity to cheer with the high school cheerleaders for one half during the annual Homecoming game. For many, this is the highlight of the season and a memory they will not soon forget. So, as you can see, if you have a child that wants to participate in a sport during the fall, look no further than the Hartford Council for Recreation and our cheerleading programs!


The fall cheerleading season is upon us! As we speak, sign-ups are taking place and once things are finalized, coaches will be contacting their athletes regarding practice dates and times. The regular season for football is currently scheduled to begin on Saturday, September 9th and last until Saturday, October 21st, giving our teams a seven-week season. The game schedule will be posted as soon as it becomes available. When it is released, you will be able to find the schedule under the 2017 Season Schedule section on the football page of our website. We appreciate everyone’s patience as the schedule is being finalized over the next couple of weeks. We are looking forward to a fantastic 2017 fall cheerleading season and appreciate the support from the community of our continued, strong youth initiatives. We look forward to seeing everyone at Indian Stadium this season!


Cheerleading Director: Janell Parker (269) 208-5234

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