Divisions We Offer

Division for players ages 4 and 5.
8U Division
Division for players ages 6, 7 and 8. Division is machine pitch only.
10U Division
Division for players ages 9 and 10. Division is part live pitch, part machine pitch.
12U Division
Division for players ages 11 and 12. Division is live pitch.
14U Division
Division for players ages 13 and 14. Division is live pitch.

Softball in the spring and summer at Indian Pride Park is a long-standing tradition that dates back years and, in some cases, generations. Over the years, thousands of young ladies have crafted their skills on the diamonds that dot Hartford’s southern landscape. Sure, every young lady who plays softball has wins on their mind. But, for most, it’s not about the wins and the losses. It’s about learning those lifelong lessons — respect, sportsmanship and leadership — three such qualities needed for young ladies as they head into adulthood and beyond.

This year promises to be another action-packed season full of great fun and competition in Hartford. This is especially true for every single player, coach, family member and friend who supports their favorite team and whom love the game of softball. We invite you to join us this season and learn why the fields of Indian Pride Park are known for their long-standing tradition of not only building winners, but also fabulous young athletes, as well.


The 2017 softball regular season is underway! Teams were selected in early March, practices began in late March and the regular season started on Tuesday, April 25th. Practice schedules have been posted on the left-hand side of this page under the “Practice Schedules” section. Game schedules have been posted on the left-hand side of this page under the “Game Schedules” section. Coaches can find league and division-by-division rules on the left-hand side of this page under the “League Rules” or “Divisions We Offer” sections. We are looking forward to a fantastic 2017 softball season and appreciate the support from the community of our continued, strong youth initiatives. We look forward to seeing everyone at Indian Pride Park this season!


Softball Director: Sandy Burtchett (269) 207-8501

8U Division
8U Division Team: John Hartline (269) 539-1981

10U Division
10U Division Team #1: Todd Valdes (269) 208-2670
10U Division Team #2: B.J. Jordan (269) 449-2055

12U Division
12U Division Team #1: Gary Deckard (269) 539-7307
12U Division Team #2: Sarah Briley (269) 539-1345

14U Division
14U Division Team: Sarah Queen (269) 830-1987

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