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Calendar of Events

Wednesday, September 20th
Council for Recreation Meeting
7:00 PM
Location: Indian Pride Park

Two sign-up periods have already been held in the months of June and July at Indian Pride Park and now, we have one important thing to say to you all – it’s time for fall football and cheerleading season! The Hartford Council for Recreation will be fielding teams in the divisions of Senior Rocket Football, Junior Rocket Football and Flag Football, along with cheerleading programs that will cheer our football teams on to victory during each and every game this season. As always, we could not put on these programs for the youth of Hartford without the support of our community and the parents who sign their children up with us, so we want to thank everyone for their continued support.

Before we get things underway, we will need to hand out equipment to our players, especially those participating in either junior or senior rocket football. We will be handing out equipment on Wednesday, July 26th from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at Indian Pride Park inside the club house. We encourage all players to show up during that time window to be personally fitted for helmets and shoulder pads by our equipment staff. We ask that everyone please be patient and wait in line. That way, the equipment handout process can proceed as smoothly and as orderly as possible. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation.

Practices for rocket football will begin the week of August 7th. All dates and times after the first practice are to be announced and coaches will be contacting players with their specific practice schedules. Flag football players and cheerleaders will also be contacted by their coaches by the middle of August, as well. Regular season information, including rosters, schedules and much more will be made available in the next few weeks, so we encourage everyone to stay connected with us either right here on our website or on our Facebook page for further information once everything is completed and made public. We look forward to seeing all of our great young Hartford athletes, parents, family members and spectators who support our teams very soon!


The mission of the Hartford Council for Recreation is to give the youth of the communities we serve the opportunity to participate in structured sports programs, with the ultimate goal of not who wins or who loses, but teaching our youth valuable lifelong lessons that will serve them not just today, but long into their adult lives.